Everything You Need In Order To Have The Most Perfect HAMILTON Streaming Experience!

​HAMILTON is now streaming on Disney Plus, worldwide! Here is how to stream the show and 8 free and exclusive downloads and resources to help you create the most immersive HAMILTON streaming party:



  1. Make sure your Disney Plus subscription is active, or subscribe here. Free trials are currently not available. - Disney stopped offering free trials last month right before adding HAMILTON to its platform.

  2. Buy all the ingredients for the Official Hamilton Cocktails from your local supermarket. - These four exclusive cocktails are being offered to theatergoers at the lobby of the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

  3. Download and print your Disney HAMILTON programs, through this link. - Disney released a special HAMILTON program earlier this week which contains all the credits from the film

  4. You may add in the Production Notes from Disney, by clicking here. - Disney released a special HAMILTON program earlier this week which contains all the credits from the film

  5. Download and print your official HAMILTON Playbill, Courtesy of Playbill.com - This is the exact Playbill theater goers received in June 2016 when HAMILTON was filmed at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City.

  6. Get a digital copy of the full HAMILTON libretto for $3 to follow along during the show! - A backstage pass to the groundbreaking musical including the award-winning libretto, behind-the-scenes photos and interviews, and exclusive footnotes from composer-lyricist-star Lin-Manuel Miranda.

  7. Get a digital download of the HAMILTON cookbook for ideas on what food to prepare tonight. - The Hamilton Cookbook takes you into Hamilton’s home and to his table, with historical information, recipes, and tips on how you can prepare food and serve the food that our founding fathers enjoyed in their day.

  8. Stream the show!

  9. During intermission, visit the virtual HAMILTON merchandise stand, and order items such as the HAMILTON blanket! - Additional production notes that were sent out to movie reviewers.

  10. Rewind.